How I made an automated Jack-o'-lantern with a Raspberry Pi

by cherrybomb
2021-10-27 03:01:00 -0400

A vignette of green, orange, and yellow pumpkins in front of a brick wall

It's almost Halloween, one of my favorite days and party times. This year, I decided to (pumpkin) spice up some of my decorations with automated motion sensing. This spooktacular article shows you how I made them, step by step, from building and wiring to coding. This is not your average weekend project—it takes a lot of supplies and building time. But it's a fun way to play around with Raspberry Pi and get in the spirit of this haunting holiday.

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Global communication in open source projects

by RANaegele
2021-10-27 03:00:00 -0400

Globe up in the clouds

I am a current graduate student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in the Scientific and Technical Communication MS program. The following is an interview I conducted with Jim Hall to learn about international professional communication strategies in the multinational group, the FreeDOS Project.

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Deploy Quarkus applications to Kubernetes using a Helm chart

by danieloh
2021-10-26 03:01:00 -0400

Ships at sea on the web

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