My weird jobs before tech

by clhermansen
2021-05-08 03:00:00 -0400

Yellow plane flying in the air, Beechcraft D17S

I had a few weird jobs before I hit tech.

I was a junior assistant in an aircraft repair shop, which meant tasks like cleaning dirty metal parts in solvent (wow, things were different back in the '70s). My most fun task there was ironing Dacron aircraft fabric onto the wooden ailerons and horizontal stabilizer on a beautiful old Beechcraft Staggerwing that was in the shop for a rebuild.

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6 examples of open source best practices in knowledge-sharing projects

by debbryant
2021-05-07 03:01:00 -0400

Practicing empathy

As someone who has watched my fair share of projects and initiatives come and go, I value the follow-on effects of good knowledge sharing. Even knowledge from bygone projects is available to learn from the past; such is the benefit and the curse of an internet that never forgets—all the practices good, no-longer-good, and never-were-good are out there to be found.

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Ansible emphasizes inclusive language in new release

by jillr
2021-05-07 03:00:00 -0400

Two diverse hands holding a globe

During this development cycle, the Ansible project has made significant progress in its goals to make the community and code more welcoming and inclusive. With the release of Ansible Core 2.11, harmful terminology in the Ansible codebase is deprecated and it comes with new replacement terms. These changes will follow our standard deprecation cycle to give users time to adapt.

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