KVM/Qemu virtualization. Public and private cloud integration. We can implement or manage any KVM/Qemu based cloud.vanilla (plain kvm/qemu), libvirt and OpenStack.


k8s, cri-o, docker, podman. We do all kinds of implementations and manage k8s clusters in the public cloud or in private

Automated Backup in Mixed Environments

Level 1:Automated backups to a local server.

Level 2:Automated backups to a local server and a remote server.

Level 3:Automated backups to a local server, a remote server and tape.

Version Control with Git

  • Source code management and storage.
  • Easy time-line auditing.
  • Blaming capabilities (who did what and when).
  • Easy deploying.
  • Manage documentation, configuration and other documents as well.


Firewalls, SELinux, hard drive and file encryption, tcp wrappers, etc.


Even, though, it's mentioned above, it deserves it's own space.

File, directory and drive encryption.

High Availability (HA) and Balancing

We can setup your servers to ve highly available. Corosync, heartbeat, HAProxy, LinuxHA, Nginx, etc.

Web Servers

Generic or specific web servers. NginX, Cherokee, Apache. VirtualHosts, ReverseProxy, HTTPS, WebDav, Auth, etc.


Clustering, replication or standalone. MariaDB, MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Email Servers

Filtered, anti-spam email. Google apps migrations. Exim, Sendmail or Postfix.

Web Hosting

Personalized hosting. We provide what your applications need. PHP5/Ruby/Python.

Centralized Authentication

Centralized authentication and employee/member services. FreeIPA, Fedora Directory Server, NIS, Samba, ldap, etc.


Automated IP Addresses, LAN/WAN automated installations, PXE, iPXE, thin clients, thin servers, etc.


Name resolution. Authoritative/Slave servers, integration with DHCP, static or dynamic, balancing, etc.

File Servers (SMBs)

File servers with a security focus. Samba, NFSv4, etc.

  • Priviledge separation.
  • Auditing.
  • Secure access.


Server maintenance, updates and monitoring. We take care of your infrastructure for you; 24/7.

Federated Services

Do you feel like having your own messaging, video-call, VoIP, VPN, etc? Federated services al all about you having control of your data.

Educational Software

  • Open systems for kids, youths, adults and teachers.
  • Free of cost and licensing fees.
  • Friendly support communities around them.

Dynamic Websites

We implement Drupal/Wordpress. We can develop them in many frameworks: PyroCMS, Yii, ZendFramework, Sinatra, Padrino, etc.

Web apps

Applications that fit your specific needs. PoS, Administration, Sales, etc.

FOSS Migration

We can help you stop using proprietary software. Implementation, courses, support, screen-casts, etc.


We can provide support on-site or remotely.