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10 Grafana features you need to know for effective monitoring

by daniellee
2020-02-18 03:03:00 -0500

metrics and data shown on a computer screen

The Grafana project started in 2013 when Torkel Ödegaard decided to fork Kibana and turn it into a time-series and graph-focused dashboarding tool. His guiding vision: to make everything look more clean and elegant, with fewer things distracting you from the data.

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Getting started with OpenTaxSolver

by jrepka
2020-02-18 03:02:00 -0500

A document flying away

OpenTaxSolver is an open source application for US taxpayers to calculate their state and federal income tax returns. Before I get into the software, I want to share some of the information I learned when researching this article. I spent about five hours a day for a week looking into open source options for doing your taxes, and I learned about a lot more than just tax software.

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