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8 Git aliases that make me more efficient

by rgerardi
2020-11-30 03:01:00 -0500

Terminal command prompt on orange background

The excellent article 7 Git tricks that changed my life inspired me to write about another Git feature that's had a major impact on my experience using Git on the command line: aliases.

Defining Git aliases to serve as substitutes for commands provides two major benefits:

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Journal five minutes a day with Jupyter

by Moshe Zadka
2020-11-30 03:00:00 -0500

Ceramic mug of tea or coffee with flowers and a book in front of a window

Some people follow the tradition of creating New Year's resolutions. A year is a long time, though, so I plan with a seasonal theme or trajectory. Each quarter, I sit down and look at the upcoming three-month season and decide what I'll work on during that time.

For my latest theme, I decided I wanted to write a daily journal. I like having clear commitments, so I committed to writing for five minutes each day. I also like having observable commitments, even if it is just for me, so I put my entries in Git.

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